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How much does a good DJ cost?

And what makes them worth every penny!

Think about the last wedding you attended in Tampa Bay. Now ask yourself this, what are your top three memories from the wedding? Are any of those wonderful memories on the dance floor? Is one of them how everyone sang along with a song? Usually, the answer is YES. The top three things people remember about a wedding is:• Of course, the love • The food • The DJ or dancing the night away (which by the way is because of the DJ) The Tampa Bay average cost is $950.00 to $1,450.00 for a quality performer. Not only are they listed in the top three most memorable things about a wedding, but good ones also do a lot more than play music. A really good DJ is going to help you in many ways. They will offer lighting, not only for the dance floor but up-lighting around the room to compliment your color scheme and create the right atmosphere. They will have microphones for your ceremony so your vows can be heard by your guests. They will be there early and have everything ready long before the first guest arrives. The right DJ will have met with you to understand your vision for your wedding. They will have discussed the right music to set the tone, they will also know what kind of music you don’t want to be played (equally as important as knowing what you love). They will transition from ceremony to cocktail hour and reception seamlessly. A really great DJ has offered fun and unique ways to interact with your guests. A professional DJ in Tampa Bay will assist your Planner, Photographer, and Caterer in managing the timeline for the wedding. Working with the other professionals at your wedding to ensure everyone is on the same page and your guests have an amazing time. A great DJ is a big part of the team that allows you and your partner to truly enjoy the day you have dreamed of.



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