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For A/V Service, get a second or third quote. Cost is always a factor.

Planning a Corporate event and you need everything to be perfect. You want to go big but after getting the A/V Quote from the “In House A/V” company, you are starting to feel like you may have to start thinking small.

You don’t have to.

Resort and Conference Center A/V Companies do a fine job, this is not about their work. This is about the fees they have to charge. You see in order to get those big contracts with the Resorts and Conference Centers they have to pay … a lot. This ends up coming out of your pocket, no company is going to set themselves up to lose money, so you pay.

You have other options; the Resort might make it sound like only their In-House A/V will do but that is not the case. While the In-House A/V may still need to be on-site for some of the things you would need to create the event you want, they don’t have to provide all of the services.

For example:

For Internet and Power drops, you will need the In House team. You may even need them to be there when the outside A/V Company sets up.

Lighting, Effects, Screens, Projection, Sound, and LED Walls can all be done by an outside company.

The outside A/V company can run your entire show and the party afterward.

At Fast Breaks Executive Entertainment, we often save our clients more than 25% and provide personalized service. This can be the difference between offering beer & wine or an open bar!

Always get a second quote and think outside of the resort.


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