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The client or customer experience.

We think about this in service-related industries such as restaurants and retailers but what about the customer experience of your corporate event? Who is thinking about their perspective and experience?

As a professional A/V company in Tampa Bay, we are. We consider it part of our job. Before we can help you create the experience you want your guest to have, we need to understand your message and the main reason for your corporate event.

What is the purpose of your corporate event? Are you training? Launching a new product or service? Are you courting new prospective clients? Acknowledging team members? You know what you want people to remember about your event. We know that music, tone, media, and interaction are things that play a role in creating that memory or impression.

Have you thought about an After Party, some time to socialize with your guest? A party that continues the theme of your event allows your team to interact with your guests. This is a great time to create an interactive game or element for the event. It is also a great time to capture some amazing photos.

Once you have decided that we are the right A/V Company for your event. We create monthly, bi-weekly and weekly meetings to review everything. Keeping the entire team on the same page and working together, creates a successful, memorable event and the entire team is more comfortable on "Game Day".

Has an A/V company ever helped you look at the path guest take to get into your event? Created Environmental Projections for sponsors that welcome your guests? Given music suggestions that reinforce your theme? Helped you create the content that is being shown?

There is so much that goes into creating your event, time, money, and personnel. Let us help you make it a memorable one. We have the experience, the talent, and the equipment to help you create the atmosphere, content, and fun for a successful corporate event.

Fast Breaks Executive Entertainment, making events entertaining!



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