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Little things add up!

A really good A/V company talks to you about the seemingly little things.

Making a speech or doing a presentation at your next Corporate Event?

We know in advance how many speakers or presenters there are what order they are in and what to do if someone is running late. We even know what type of microphone they prefer.

We provide a confidence monitor that can display either the presentation they are showing on the screens or their notes about the presentation. This allows you to present with confidence and keep you facing your audience.

Providing you with a wireless remote allows you to manage the pace for the presentation. This way if there is a hot topic that excites the audience, you can spend a little more time on that piece of information. It even allows you the control to change the questions and answer time.

A professional A/V company will even provide a timer to keep things on track. This allows you to know exactly when to slow down or maybe to speed up a little.

The right lighting does not blind you while you are on stge. It simply washes you with light. It also allows you to see and stay connected with the audience. The right A/V Company creates ambient lighting as well. His warms up an otherwise cool room and can be done with your company colors.

Yes, these are all seemingly little things. That is until you are the person on stage, then they are not so little.

Reach out to the A/V Company in Tampa Bay that can help you with both the little and the big things needed to make your event a success!



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