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Why would you involve your A/V team in the planning stage of your event?

There are so many reasons!!! I will attempt to only talk about some of the most important ones.  One of the most obvious reasons is this, several events happen in Tampa Bay.  Being in business for so many years, we already know your venue.  We know the good points and the ones that might not be as great.  We can help you work with your venue coordinator, creating great floorplans, power and internet drops, insurance, Fire Marshal requirements and so much more.

We work to understand your goals as the event host.  This allows us to better consider your guest experience.  This is not only what your guest sees and hears, it is how they feel about it.  What is the key information? Is it given at the right time and by the right presenter? Having your A/V companies’ input is having an event expert on your side.

Music to match the mood, are we having an opening night dance party?  Dinner and a warm welcome? We started our company as a DJ service (this side of our company is still alive and well) here in Tampa Bay.  We have the right music for every part of your event. From opening the event to the guest speaker's “walk up”, music is a big part of the guest experience and helps to set the tone.

Understanding what you need from an equipment perspective allows us to effectively quote the event with the right services.

We can introduce you to other experts who can assist with your event. Professional speakers, amazing Auctioneers, and more.

Having the right A/V production team on your side is a game changer. Have an upcoming event, give us a call our consultations are free.

The more we understand about the goals for your event in Tampa Bay, the better we can assist you in smashing them.


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