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Why add an LED Wall or Screen to your Tampa Bay event or Trade Show?

Why add an LED Wall or Screen to your Tampa Bay event or Trade Show?

Because video attracts an average of 38% more attention. It also has a longer retention rate and is simply more memorable.

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, what is a live video or produced video worth?

What are you most likely going to take notice of? The guy or gal trying to grab your attention from their Trade Show booth or the video of their product above the booth? What if that talented company rep was live-streaming and you could see the demonstration from across the room? Are you walking over to see what is going on? Yes, yes you are.

Companies spend thousands of dollars to attend Trade Shows in Tampa Bay. Staffing, the right booth set up, giveaways, brochures, and the cost of becoming a vendor are just a few of the expenses. No company spends all of that money to look or sound like every other vendor at the show!

Your company is competing with a couple of hundred vendors, many offering similar products or services. Trying to grab the attention of the prospects passing by. Rarely do trade show attendees in Tampa Bay purchase on the spot. Most require follow-up phone calls and emails. Imagine being able to say “We were the company with the video wall’ or “You stopped to watch our demonstration on the video wall”.

Trade Shows are a must for a lot of industries here in Tampa Bay.

How are you going to stand out?



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