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DJ's just play music - Not the good ones!

The right DJ does a lot more than just play music! They listen to your ideas about your event. They take the time to learn more about you and why this event is important. It doesn't matter if it is a wedding or a charity gala if you are hosting the event your perspective is important to a true professional. You are their connection to creating a successful and memorable day!

So let's talk about music, the wrong music means that everyone is sitting when the dance floor is open! Playing to the crowd is so important; they are after all your guests. While Lizzo is amazing, her music might not the best choice for a 50th wedding anniversary. It is in knowing the details and asking the right questions that help a professional DJ help you with or create the right playlist. Even with proper consultation, the DJ needs to know how to read the crowd and act or react accordingly.

The right DJ creates an atmosphere; lighting and music go hand in hand. Having a dance floor that has moving and or effect lighting is inviting and encourages guests to join in the fun. Up-lighting around a room helps to bring your color scheme into play. Pin lighting will highlight a wedding cake, showcase the night’s big award or bring attention to an auction item.

For both weddings and corporate events, a professional DJ acts as the timekeeper as well as knowing the flow of the event, the speakers and the major players. This creates a seamless transition from one part of the event to the next, guiding your guest through the experience you envisioned.

Having the right equipment and back-ups (just in case) is another tool of a professional DJ. For example wireless microphones that allow everyone to hear the ceremony but don’t interfere with a stunning gown or a perfectly fitted suit jacket.

Yes, we play music and so much more!



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