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Why the rush?

Because 2020 events did not actually happen in 2020! Now that the world is opening delayed and postponed events are frantically scheduling. These people have been through delay after delay and have already started booking their vendors.

The once scheduled 300-person wedding became a backyard “I Do” with only close family in attendance. The Fundraiser or Gala became a virtual or hybrid event. Corporate events and training, rescheduled or performed on Zoom. Religious ceremonies are just now starting to schedule, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are happening a year after becoming of age.

Let’s face the world slowed way down in 2020 and for part of 2021.

Now that things are opening up again, people want and sometimes need to celebrate. This includes Graduations, Proms, Weddings, Reunions, Birthdays, and more all over Tampa Bay.

So yes, plan the event and plan it soon! Here are some tips that will help you get the vision you have had in your mind for the last year.

  1. Budget, this is always going to be first

  2. Guestlist works very well with number 1

  3. The venue, consider a Friday or Sunday if at all possible, this will give you more dates and perhaps save you on the rental

  4. Food, what are you feeding people? Again, the Friday or Sunday option should help you with booking the caterer you really want

  5. Entertainment, is there a particular DJ you have been hearing about? Are your friends telling you to pick this one or that one? Don’t let them get away. Good entertainers book a year in advance on average. Meet them in person if possible, be prepared to make a decision

If the vendors you are speaking with implore you to make your selections as soon as possible, they are not rushing you. They are simply trying to accommodate you and they want you to have the event you dreamed of.


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