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Thinking about how to ask the big question?

Where? When? How???

Relax, you’ve got this! This is the person that you know better than anyone else and this is the person you have chosen to share your life with. Here are a couple of things to consider when planning your engagement.• Where: What do you guys enjoy doing together? Are you Baseball fans, Hockey, do you enjoy Farmers Markets or Art Festivals? Someplace that you already enjoy is a great place to consider for your engagement. Doing something out of the ordinary might raise suspicion. • When: While holidays seem to be popular, however if you are looking to surprise your love maybe not Valentine’s Day. Sunday Brunch at your favorite spot, something where they are going to look great but not expect the proposal. • How: Be yourself! I know you are going to be nervous, remember you are who they love! It’s you that they want to spend their life with. Be honest, speak from your heart and breathe. Breathe again, you’ve got this. Some other things to consider: • Do you want family & friends to rush in as an additional surprise? Is this a moment to be enjoyed by just the two of you? If your answer is just the two of you consider meeting up with friends & family for a glass of wine or a pint later in the day to celebrate your engagement. • Professional pictures of that very special moment are still possible. Not only possible but some of the best photos ever! A great photographer can not only blend into their surroundings but they can also assist you with great location ideas that fit who you are as a couple. • You really don’t need liquid courage, that can go south quickly and ruin everything…… you’ve got this! So after you got the Yes you were looking for, give us a call we can introduce you to vendors and venues that will make the planning easy. Fast Breaks Executive Entertainment “Providing the soundtrack to life”


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