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Live-Streaming, what is it and why do I want it at my Wedding?

Live Streaming

In Tampa Bay like in most areas of the country, weddings and events have had to change due to COVID 19. Brides are getting cancelations from friends and family. They either should not travel for health reasons or are required to take additional time off of work because they traveled. Live-Streaming is a way to include those that cannot attend your special day in person. It is also an additional video of your ceremony (and reception if you would like).

The main reason to add Live-Streaming to your Wedding:

Those that you love will be able to see and hear everything during your ceremony! They won’t have to miss one of the most important days of your life! They get to witness, the laughs, the nerves and the love.

You will have to opportunity to speak directly to those that could not attend in person. Thank them for tuning in, share with them how much they mean to you and tell them you love them.

For our Live-Streaming service, we offer:

* A 4K black Magic Camera

* The Camera Stand

* Laptop to manage Zoom

* Private Zoom link

* 55 Inch Monitor so you can see and interact with your Zoom guests (Reception only)

* Live Stream both Ceremony & Reception

* Recording captured and sent to you

The recording is so much fun, we have seen remote guests: Stand when the bride enters, pray, toast and dance in their living rooms.

The right vendors are supposed to make your day everything you dreamed of. Hiring an entertainment company that can and will do more than fill the dancefloor, might be just what you need.


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