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Indoor/Outdoor Video Walls

Having a video wall at your event is a game-changer! Here’s why the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. For corporate events playing your commercials or a message from the CEO. If it is a charity or 503c messages from the people your organization has helped are so very powerful. At a grand opening just imagine being able to show the “Start to finish” of your business or the actual building of the project.

Communication is key to just about everything and video is the ultimate in communicating to a large audience.

With LED walls it does not matter what time of day the event is. Daytime no problem these screens have a 3.9 Pixel Pitch and are outdoor rated.

Screens can be built to suit the event site, up to 18 x 10 feet for one screen or two screens up to 13 x 7 feet.

These modular panels are 2 x 4-foot sections that can be configured to be many sizes. Our A/V specialist will work with you to determine what screen setups and sizes will work best for your project and budget.

Not sure what an LED wall is? You have seen them many times at sporting events, trade shows, or concerts they are often referred to as Jumbotrons.

These screens can play just about any type of video, even an HD live feed. Need help creating your video message? We can help there as well.

We are Fast Breaks Executive Entertainment, we what to become your Tampa Bay resource for everything Audio and Video.



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