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Fundraiser, Galas, and Auctions, oh my!

In a world where you don’t know if you can host the events in the same fashion as you have in previous years, how do you plan? Especially when the event still needs to happen. Fundraisers for some make all the difference, without them there is not enough funding to support the cause, support the staff, keep the organization operating at full speed, and more. So how do you host an event in Tampa Bay at this time?

Audio/Video Production is probably your best bet and here’s why:

• You can safely combine the live portion of the event with pre-recorded sections

• You can acknowledge your sponsors properly

• Interact with the viewers

• Take you Silent or not Silent Auction online

• Live hosts can keep the audience engaged

• Live talent, bands, singers, etc.. can entertain either remotely or with the “Live Group”

• You can even engage people in other locations via Zoom, Groups and other platforms

Yes, this sounds like a lot, but for the right professionals the mixing, feeding in, timing, and production is what we do. It is our job to take the “How” off of your plate and allow you to focus on the “Why” and the goals of the event. We are here to assist with the creatives, the prep work, and bringing it all together. The final product is one that can help you reach those donation goals, properly thank your supporters and maintain your message for years to come.

Interested in having a conversation about your event? Give us a call.



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