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Do I need a Wedding Planner?

The real answer is it depends on a number of things. Do you work full time? How many months until your wedding? Do you have the right vendors?

One thing is certain, regardless of your answers, a “Day Of Coordinator” provides stress reduction every time! Your Maid of Honor or Mother are also now able to enjoy getting ready and spending time with you. No running in and out of the Brides room checking on the cake, flowers or anything else.

So, what’s the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Day of Coordinator?

A wedding planner starts planning when you start planning, or when you look at the “To do List” and feel overwhelmed. The planner becomes your Go-To person for just about everything. He or she knows the local vendors, they know who has the best pricing and still keeps the quality of your vision. Remember they have worked will hundreds of people, they have seen the really good, the bad and the truly ugly! They know the pitfalls and where their clients can save a little and where they should splurge. Let’s face it, weddings are expensive and helping you stay in budget or making your budget go farther is in itself amazing! Some of the seemingly little things that planners do that save you time and keep everything on track:

• Help you schedule tastings, cake, dinner etc. and they go with you.

• Visit venues with you and help negotiate

• Work with you on décor and who has the best price on beautiful draping

• Keep your timeline for things like save the date cards, invitations and responses

• Help you with the dreaded seating chart

• Help you with the right DJ or entertainment packages

• Once they understand your vision, they will work with the professionals you have contracted to ensure your vision is realized. They will become the point of contact for all of your vendors

• Tell you honestly what is a good DYI project and what you really should leave to the pros.

• They will arrive at your venue long before you do, to check on everything, food, bar staff, flowers, décor, DJ, photographer, lighting you name it.

What does a Day Of Coordinator do? Basically, they will run the behind the scenes. They will work with your vendors to coordinate the arrival times, set-up and tear down. They will be the point of contact on your special day. Checking that the cakes arrives on time, the flowers made it in time for the pre wedding photos, the carter is set and ready to feed your guests. They check with your DJ and make sure the lighting is the right color and they are ready to entertain.



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