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Covid 19 and its impact on this small business.

As an entertainment company crowds are our work space. Weddings, proms, galas and large corporate events are where we shine. Creating the sound, providing the large screens and projection this is what we do. Then one day in March everything changed…

The phone rang and on the other end where worried brides and PTA presidents. Everything needed to be moved, everything. Finding another date, is the caterer available, will we have to change venues, flowers, everything. What do you do, as a small business owner how do you help and stay afloat at the same time? We became immediately flexible, I mean like “We’ve got you” flexible. Make It Work was the mantra, and it did. Being open, accommodating and understanding allowed us to keep every client! Every one of them had rescheduled, some we still don’t have a date for, but they know we will work with them.

I realize that this might not sound like a big deal, it was to us. You see we know that we Get to work these events, we Get to be a part of their special celebration, we Get to do what we absolutely love doing. We appreciate the relationship and the trust that we Get to build, and we will be here to build more relationships.

Yes, we have lost a lot of revenue in new bookings as people are justifiably cautious with spending right now. As jobs are being lost, people are furloughed and everyone needs to ensure the safety and health of their families. We have not had the phone ring as much as we are used too, but we are still here, we are open and every now and then the phone does ring. There is an engaged couple or a corporate planner that needs information.

There is a future that includes celebrations and many reasons to dance or sing the night away. We are here and we look forward to celebrating with you. Until then stay safe, be healthy, find gratitude in simple things and if we can be of assistance in helping you plan, give us a call.



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