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Corporate Training, doesn't have to be a snooze-fest.

Are you in charge of planning the next Corporate Training event in Tampa? So many things to consider, where, the schedule, what to feed them and how are we going to keep these people engaged?

We have all been to training's that were snooze worthy and tons of people don’t even want to attend. Thinking things like “I already know how to do my job” and “I could teach this” going through their heads. You may have even had these thoughts yourself and now it’s up to you to plan!

While we can’t help you with the content of the training, we can help you with the delivery. Professionals in Tampa Bay don’t have time to read and or re-read material they already know (or should know) Your message has to be different, has to grab their attention and has to be relevant.

Statistically messages that are image or video and sound driven are retained 75% more! Create an interactive environment and your training's will be not only well received but talked about!

We have all been to the “open your booklet to page…” kind of training's with someone in the front of the room droning on and on. Now imagine your Tampa training going more like this:

• Upbeat music playing as everyone enters the room

• Wireless microphones or even lapel microphones

• Two large screens at either side of the presentation area

• Video or an animated slide-show playing

• Your Corporate Logo projected on the walls

This is how to start a Tampa training people will remember and stay awake for.

This is what Fast Breaks Executive Entertainment does.



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